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Ecotec V6 S.T-3 Ported heads

Catalog Item Type: Components
Fits Engine: Holden/Buick V6
Component Category: Cylinder Heads
Kit Category: Does not apply to this item
Package Type: Does not apply to this item
Part Number: ECOST3
Specification Sheet: Does not apply to this item

Price: $2 750.00
Discounted Price: Not Discounted


Fully rebuilt OEM cast iron heads on a "we do yours" basis. Your heads are hot tank cleaned, crack tested, a full set of bronze valve guides are fitted. The heads are hand ported to flow over 350bhp through intake ports with production valve sizes. New high quality valves are fitted, new conical performance springs are fitted to suit your camshaft spec. A set of positive stem seals and our chrome moly steel retainers complete the components list.

The valve seats are cut with a precision 3 angle valve job and gasket faces are equally machined and cc checked to provide consistent combustion chamber volumes for equal compressions cylinder to cylinder.

These heads are ideal for most performance applications including 4.2 Stroker engines, both for normally aspirated or boost usage.