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Holden V8 "I" beam 5.7" rods (Holden Journal)

Catalog Item Type: Components
Fits Engine: Holden V8
Component Category: Connecting Rods
Kit Category: Does not apply to this item
Package Type: Does not apply to this item
Part Number: COME CRI5685 HV8
Specification Sheet: Does not apply to this item

Price: $595.00
Discounted Price: $330.00


COME Racing's own 4340 steel forged connecting rods. These rods are fully finished to suit all Holden V8 cranks both factory or aftermarket stroker cranks with Holden 2.124" diameter rod journals and standard Holden journal width. They will fit all Holden V8 cranks including 253, 304, 308 and the Harrop, Scat or COME Racing Holden cranks with Holden journal sizes.

The extra length allows you to buy off the shelf Chevy Small Block pistons with 1.420" to 1.430" compression height to suit the 3.484" stroke of all the 355ci cranks mentioned above. In a stock stroke Holden V8 the extra length is ideal where you need stronger replacements for the original Holden V8 rods including the A9L rods in the black motor and EFI Holden V8's. This does however mean the need to use a piston with a compression height of around 1.680" to do this successfully you can use a Chev 327ci which has a 1.653" compression height. This will leave the piston sitting down below the deck about .030" A simple decking of the block to bring the pistons to whatever final deck height you need for your combination and you've got a great setup.

The fact is the traditional 304/308ci flat top pistons in a forged version are simply no longer availble if you want something strong. By updating the engine with our 5.7" rods and using a 327 Chev piston you have a much better stock stroke Holden V8 period. Our rods are stronger than the factory A9L's and the Chev pistons are lighter and stronger than any piston on the market in Australia to suit the Holden V8 as they are all alloy cast pistons.

These rods are press fit type to suit the .927" pin used in Holdens and Chev Small Block V8's. Rods are fitted with ARP rod bolts.

Take a look at this can't even resize your old rods and fit new rod bolts for this price.